Vista Vocational & Life Skills Center is located in the Shoreline Communities. The mission is to help people with disabilities to learn the skills they  need to live as independently as possible in the community. We are a private, non profit,
residential training program for individuals who are 18 years and older
and have neurological impairments.  These impairments include brain
injury, seizure disorder, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD and others.  We
are located along the shoreline in Westbrook, Clinton, Madison and

This year Vista is celebrating its 20th anniversary!  We discuss the program, the success of students/members, and the support of the shoreline community over the past  20 years. 

For more information contact Helen Bosch.

Kathleen interviewed Helen Bosch about the different programs at Vista.  Vista operates out of Madison, but serves the Shoreline and surrounding region, training students and providing supervised internships.  


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