Our very first ShoreTalk debuted on Channel 19 on July 7, 2010 featuring Baroness Maureen Hasley-Jones, a horticulture guru when it comes to organic gardening. Over the next 6 months, our guests covered topics from bike-friendly communities to holistic moms to environmental issues. We hosted politicians, artists, wine experts, an organic beekeeper and more. We shot our very first on-site show with Andrew Pighills, an expert stone artisan, at Parmlee Farms in Killingworth, CT. And to celebrate Thanksgiving week, we headed to Bushnell Farms in Old Saybrook, CT. Enjoy meeting our interesting guests by clicking on their names.


Dec 1     Olwen Logan     News, Media and the Internet

Dec 8     Leah Schmalz    Save the Sound, CT Fund for the Environment

Dec 29   Expert Wine Advice for the Holidays


Nov 3       Karen Lipeika       Kayak Enthusiast & Artist

Nov 10      Lon Seidman        Democratic State Central Committeeman

Nov 17     Karen Lipeika       Kayak Enthusiast & Artist

Nov 25     Bushnell Farm   17th Century Thanksgiving


Oct 6       Joe Courtney        U.S. Congressman for 2nd District for Connecticut

Oct 13      Sen. Eileen Daily   State Senator & the Election

Oct 20      Janis Ehle/Meyer  CRERPA, Recycling Update

Oct 27      Nancy Wyman       Candidate for Lt. Governor


Sept 1      Hugh Taylor          Yale School of Med Endochrine Disruptors

Sept 8      Eileen Baker         Candidate for State Representation, Old Saybrook 

Sept 15    Jim Crawford        Candidate for State Representative, Clinton, H-K.


Aug 4       Deb Lundgren        Bike Friendly Communities

Aug 11     Kim Stack               Holistic Moms Network

Aug 18     Mary Crim              Breastfeeding Month

Aug 25     Patty Dowling         Shoreline Soup Kitchen and Pantries

JULY 2010

July 7th   Maureen Hasley-Jones    The English Lady

July 14    Glenn PenkoffLidbeck     Organic Beekeeper

July 21    Andrew Pighills                Stone Artisian

July 28    Judy Preston                     Great American Yard


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