Russel Miller, Director of Meigs Point Nature Center at Hammonasett State Park, joins Kathleen to discuss the wildlife living in our shoreline community.  Russ brings in frogs, turtles and snakes to share, live on ShoreTalk.  This show is not to be missed.  "Ranger Russ" has been at Meigs Point for 11 years, sharing his passion for and wisdom of the many creatures who live among us.  He reminds us to slow down and check the roads for wildlife, if we see a turtle take him to the side of the road in the direction s/he was walking  (yes, they were on their way somewhere and yes they knew where they were going!) and to limit your handling of wildlife.  Above all Ranger Russ recommends we all visit Hammonasett State Park, come down to the Meigs Point Nature Center and take advantage of that opportunity to learn about native species and get your hands wet in the touch tank.  Can a box turtle from Connecticut, dropped off in Michigan can find his way home again?  Find out on ShoreTalk. For more information visit Friends of Hammonasett or email Ranger Russ.


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