Congratulations:  April 2012

Representative Philip Miller named "Children's Champion"  one of 23 policy makers selected for recognition by the members of the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance for ushering legislation aimed at improving outcomes for young children, taking special interest in the issues facing young children, and engaging with advocates on early childhood issues.

Philip Miller, State Representative for the 36th District serving Deep River, Essex, Chester and Haddam. visit his website click here.

Smart, savvy and well informed, four term First Selectman Phil Miller is now a Connecticut State Representative.  Phil is responsible for many projects that have improved life in our shoreline and lower Connecticut River valley communities, including (a few highlights!!)

  • Chair, Environment Committee, Connecticut General Assembly
  • Member, Public Health Committee, Connecticut General Assembly
  • Member, Human Services, Connecticut General Assembly
  • Served three terms (2006, 2007, 2008) as chair of Connecticut River Valley Council of Elected Officials, encompassing two Regional Planning Organizations (RPOs) consisting of all Middlesex County municipalities
  • Former chair of Middlesex County Revitalization Commission, a quasi public partnership between the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce, the largest in New England, and the fifteen municipalities in Middlesex County, making successful long term low interest loans to expanding businesses.
  • Former chair since 2009 of thirty municipality State Area 2 Emergency Management for one fifth of the State of Connecticut.
  • Board member and one of three municipal Chief Elected Officials of Middlesex County Ten Year plan to end homelessness.
  • Founder, nine town Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facility, adding Haddam at no cost as the tenth member.  This facility hosts a dozen yearly heavily subscribed collections along with four electronics collections.
  • Former Board member and promoter of nine town Estuary Transit District, managed and expanding routes throughout Middlesex County and beyond.
  • Led Essex inclusion to Smart Power program, and national and international membership in Local Environmental Initiatives.  Essex also became the first municipality to refrain from using petrochemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides on municipal and school grounds, expanding practice successfully to Valley Regional High School. 


Contact State Representative Phil Miller

Connecticut State Representative Philip Miller comes to ShoreTalk to give us an update on the 2012 mid-session of the Connecticut General Assembly.

Phil Miller, State Representative for the 36th District, representing Deep River, Essex, Chester and Haddam, joins us to discuss some important legislation.

A Bill of Concern: is SB 450, the Tree Cutting bill.  It would allow utility companies to cut trees on private property if it is within a "utility clearance zone". 

A Bill of Concern: SB 343, the CEPA rollback.  It attacks our state's 1971 Environmental Protection Act and would weaken the public's right to oppose development applications.  It would further subject "intervenors" to punitive measures.  In the case of the "Preserve", the town of Essex was a legal intervenor, as was a brave individual citizen of Old Saybrook. 

A Bill of Concern: is HB 5155, the Pesticide Rollback bill.  Several years ago, I testified as Essex First Selectman for having a ban on pesticides at preschools through eighth grade, and I have hopes to extend it through high schools and into our state colleges and universities as well, but the industry wants back the market share which they lost, and it actually cleared Planning and Development, where I testified against it. 

What I'm for:  Mattress recycling (SB 89) Connecticut disposes of nearly 400,000 yearly and this requires product stewardship by the industry to set up component recycling, legal remanufacture, and is modeled after the successful electronic waste and paint recycling. 

What I'm for: Phosphorus Reduction in Water (SB 254)  Calls for elimination of phosphorus in lawn fertilizer within certain distances of water bodies in order to reduce algal blooms.  This is sponsored by two GOP legislators whose districts have lakes and ponds befouled with nutrient rich pollution. This is a problem throughout the state.  I'd like to help them achieve a bipartisan solution for conservation here.

What I'm for: Open Space Plan (SB 347)  This updates the State's open space plan by 1) identifying lands right for preservation which are held by state agencies and water companies, 2) identifying lands of highest priority for conservation, and 3) making recommendations for establishing a data base to accurately track open space lands throughout Connecticut.

What I'm for: Rate Structure for Water Conservation (SB 348)  This bill will authorize private water companies to structure their rates to encourage water conservation practices.  With water needs expected to grow statewide in the first half of this century, this makes sense.

What I'm for: GMO labeling (HB 5117)  This amends consumer right to know law by having food manufacturing companies label genetically engineered ingredients, designed at the basic cellular level, unnatural, and not made by God. 

What I'm for: Chemicals of High Concern for Children (SB 274) This actually comes from Public Health, and so I might help Representative Betsy Ritter, the Committee chair, to the floor with this, while Senator Terry Gerratana carries it in the Senate.  This bill has a buy in by four state agencies, and Department of Public Health (DPH) will be the information compiler.  


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