David Naumec, Military Historian  

David J. Naumec is the Military Historian for the Mashantucket Pequot Museum’s Pequot War Grant.  He holds a B.A in Public History Administration from the University of Connecticut and has completed a Masters Degree in History & Museum Studies from Tufts University.  Mr. Naumec specializes in Connecticut History and American Military History and has worked as a museum consultant at the Pequot Museum since 2000.  He is currently a doctoral candidate at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. The Pequot Wars Archaeological study began in Mystic, the  next stage will be in Old Saybrook.  Please join us to learn about this unique, important period of early colonial history. This project, jointly funded by the National Park Service and the Pequot Tribe, will uncover more information about the War which lasted from 1636 to 1638.  Although it was a short period of early colonial history, it played an important role in redefining our section of New England. Find out how by watching ShoreTalk or contact David. 


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