Our Energy Future: a discussion with author, activist and environmentalist Judi Friedman.

Judi Friedman, Chairperson of PACE, Peoples Action for Clean Energy, discusses the ways that we can each reduce our carbon footprint.  Beginning with conservation, we all need to work diligently on how we can decrease our reliance on dirty, dangerous energy.  Judi is an environmental activist who has been Chairperson of PACE since it began in 1974.  She is also on sat on the board of the Humane Society of the United States and Promoting Enduring Peace.  She has written more than 200 articles and 20 books including Jelly Jam: The People Preserver, an environmental guide that has been translated into 40 percent of the world languages. She has won numerous awards for her dedication including the New England Environmental Leadership Award from Tufts University.  To learn more about how you can help Judi save our energy future go to pace-cleanenergy.org.

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