Bachelor's degree: Princeton University
Medical degree: Yale University Medical School
Training in psychiatry; Yale Department of Psychiatry

Most of my career: full or part time practicing psychiatrist,
Faculty member in the psychiatry departments of Yale and New York University.

Chief of Psychiatry at the first HMO in the country, Community Health Care Plan.

Left psychiatry in 1980 to start a company that developed training programs that used video and telephone systems that interacted with patients to teach them various health maintenance skills. After 15 years, I closed the business and returned to psychiatry where I have specialized for the past 15 year in the diagnosis, treatment, and research on adult Attention Deficit Disorder.

My interest in social and political issues began early in my life. As a junior in high school, I wrote a paper on the muckrakers, a group of investigative writers around the beginning of the 20th century who exposed industries that exploited of child labor, oil cartels for robbing the public, the meat packing industry for abusive treatment of workers, and so on. The muckrakers provided the tinder and spark that ignited  widespread discontent, moral outrage, and the strengthening of virtuous feelings in the country that led to the reform of these wrongs.

My interest in these issues remained largely dormant, though I did participate in Martin Luther King's civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama in 60's. and I have always been a strong advocate for the rights of those who are not so able to protect themselves against powerful forces.

My slumbering political consciousness was recently awakened by the gift from a friend last June. It was entitled "How Washington Made the Rich Richer and Turned Its Back on the Milddle Class." 

Marc Schwartz, Member of Occupy Shoreline.  Visit his blog click here.

Our special guest is Marc Schwartz  joined us to discuss the Occupy movement, and specifically, Occupy Shoreline.  Marc explores some of the ideas that helped motivate the Occupy movement, where he sees it going in the future and how you can get involved.  Be sure to visit Marc’s blog:


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