Michelle has been in the art and design field for 30 years. She began her career as a painter and draftsman, teaching drawing at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Lacoste, France for five years. With a strong background in historic painting methods and materials and training in art conservation, she returned to the States to develop a career in the restoration of historic murals and decorative painting of National Landmarks, where she gained wide recognition as an expert on historic interiors. In 1992 she resigned from her position as Director of Restoration of a prestigious restoration firm in NYC in order to pursue other creative interests, including the design of interior and exterior environments.

She has practiced interior design, creating gracious spaces for a number of discerning residential clients and has worked with many of the top 100 design firms as a color and design consultant for architectural art and thematic interiors including restaurants, hotels, and public spaces throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

Michelle now lives in Killingworth where she divides her time between decorative painting and interior design, M. Becker Co. Inc., and designing gardens with her husband through their company, English Gardens and Landscaping. For more information, call 860-322-0060, e-mail: mb@mbeckerco.com,  or check out the following links:





Artist, Paint Archeaologist, Landscape Designer and Interior Designer/Artist Michelle Becker takes us into her studio to discuss the many layers of her career. Ranging from the south of France to Louisville, Kentucky, and now living and working in Killingworth, Michelle has taken her love of art to a level most of us cannot even imagine.  Please join us for this exceptional view into the life of a classically trained artist who is as fascinating as her work!  

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