Above, Martha Hoffman in Uganda with a young girl.  Below, Martha discusses Call To Care Uganda with Kathleen.  In the forefront are the fair trade beads that are for sale and support the women in villages where Martha works.  Behind Martha is a photo of the children in Uganda where Call To Care Uganda has built a school/community center in Kaberamiado, Uganda. 

 Martha Hoffman is the president of a grassroots nonprofit based in Madison, CT - Call To Care Uganda.  Although started by one woman following her heart, the organization has now grown with a staff of dozens of like minded humanitarians concerned with making a difference in the lives of Ugandan children and those that care for them.  Through project partnerships and generous donors, Call To Care Uganda has taken on many projects, including  providing clean/safe water to five rural villages, bringing mosquito nets to hundreds threatened by malaria, aiding villagers with famine relief in the midst of a drought, sponsoring schools, as well as taking on a children's community center build project in unreached Kaberamiado, Uganda.

Martha's past experience in the corporate world, as a professional
photographer, and most importantly - as a mother of three, prepared her for the challenges and rewards she enjoys today.  Martha is gearing up for her 4th journey to Uganda this summer with a team of 14!

 Contact Martha Hoffman, President 

Call To Care Uganda
P.O. Box 1075, Madison, CT 06443
203.245.3932 (h) 203.623.3879 (c)

 A team of 14, including 8 college students from the shoreline region, will work on improving the lives of children on the other side of the globe. The organization gets involved with health and education initiatives, including putting safe/clean water into villages and schools that previously went without.  This summer the team will be working with a primary school near the Congo border - helping them build a small classroom and also learning about safe water (they are a recipient of a new well from CTCU!), and malaria prevention. Please join us May 2nd and May 4th


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