Energy efficiency is touted by all experts in the field, including Cathy Lezon, as thee place to begin your journey to a green lifestyle.  Cathy spoke to Kathleen about the elements of Home Energy Assessments, a program run through the electric company (CL&P) and supported through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund.  Residents pay $75 for the service and then reap rewards month after month through savings in home electric, heating and energy expenses.  Cathy gets us started on the path to a green future.  More more information visit:

Catherine T. Lezon has worked in the energy services industry for the last 22 years.  She currently works for Connecticut Light & Power/Yankee Gas as operations supervisor.  Cathy is responsible for marketing, public relations, outreach and education programs of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF) As a media spokesperson for CL&P, shs serves as a liaison to local regional and antional stakeholder groups on energy efficiency policy and technology issues.  Lezon has served on non-profit boards and volunteers for area organizations.  She has a bachelors from the University of South Alabama.

Craig A. Clark


Earned a BS in Environmental Sciences from San Jose State University.  Craig has worked in the residential energy efficiency business since 1989.  Currently the CL&P Program Administrator for various residential energy efficiency efforts that are funded by the CT Energy Efficiency Fund, CT gas companies, and Federal Stimulus grants including the development and management of a comprehensive, building science based Home Energy Solutions program that services 2000 homes per month and employs over 200 green helmet workers.  Craig is an active member of the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partners, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency and the Affordable Comfort Institute as a member of the Conference Planning Committee.  Also active in the CT Energy Workforce Development Consortium and member of the Green Work Force subgroup.



Cathy Lezon (above) discusses home energy efficiency in March of 2012.  Below, Craig Carter discusses home energy solutions in September of 2011.

Craig Clark discusses RESNET and home energy audits with Kathleen, emphasizing that sometimes the simplest and cheapest solutions pay off handsomely.


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