The Green Lifestyle Fair 2012 will be taking place at the Water's Edge Resort in Westbrook Connecticut on March 24th from 9-3pm.   

Kathleen and Belinda Jones discuss the Green Lifestyle Fair taking place on April 2nd at Westbrook's Water Edge on the Boston Post Road (Route 1) from 9-3pm. 

What are you doing to make the world a better place?  Belinda Jones, of the Shoreline League of Democratic Women, discusses the annual Green Lifestyle Fair.  This is an opportunity for home owners, local policy makers, builders and contractors, and small business owners to learn how to make their living and working spaces more energy efficient, saving both money and the environment.  This year there will be a light bulb fair inside the GLF, there is the SLDW's Ultimate Recycling Guide, and many, many green businesses with an array of ideas of how you too, can reduce your carbon footprint.  Don't miss the Green Lifestyle Fair on April 2nd at the Water's Edge in Westbrook from 9-3pm and check out the SLDW's website for more information, and of course, join ShoreTalk to hear what Belinda has to say about this amazing shoreline event.  Featured author this year is Barry Katz who will be there with his book Green Remodeling.


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