SHOW DATELINE: October 19, 2011

ShoreTalk's Featured Guest: Gloria Star, Professional Astrologer

TOPIC: Astrology

Gloria began her work as a professional astrologer in the 1970s. In the past seventeen years she has written, edited or contributed to 29 astrology books, annuals and anthologies. Among these, Astrology: Woman to Woman, Optimum Child (revised as Astrology & Your Child), and the Llewellyn Sun Sign and Moon Sign Annuals are probably the best known. Several of her books have been translated into other languages beyond English.

Other writing projects have included newspaper and magazine columns on or about astrology, in addition to work that appeared online for a variety of applications. As the Astrologer and Astrology Channel Manager for during 2000-2001, Gloria had a tremendous opportunity to work with fresh applications of astrology through the Internet. She has written the text for four astrological computer report writers. Currently, she is at work on other projects, in addition to her consulting practice and teaching.

As a member of the AFAN (The Association for Astrological Networking) Steering Committee for five years, and Editor of the AFAN Newsletter for seven years, Gloria works to increase the outreach to the astrological community and to enhance astrology as a profession.

Gloria Star's Contact Information:

Telephone: (860) 664-3590 or Email:

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