Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000149 EndHTML:0000002152 StartFragment:0000000199 EndFragment:0000002118 StartSelection:0000000199 EndSelection:0000002118 Tammi Flynn has been the Marketing Director for the Florence Griswold Museum since 1999.  She designed a campaign to reintroduce the historic Griswold House to the press and public after a 14-month renovation, which garnered national press coverage. Ms. Flynn led the Museum’s marketing efforts during its 2002 expansion where she spearheaded the design of a new logo and identity pieces, which branded the Museum as a top New England destination. Visitation increased 75% over 2001. In addition she designed and implemented strategic marketing and advertising plans to increase the Museum’s visibility and expand and diversify its audience. She has established a strong community network by cultivating relationships with area businesses, tourist agencies, cultural institutions, and government agencies. Tammi has developed reliable methods of collecting visitor information in order to better profile the museum’s audience. She has successfully coordinated the Museum’s web site  <>  , led two redesigns and manages ongoing content updates. Tammi also established a monthly e-newsletter successfully growing the subscriber list from 400 to 8,000 over five years.  Ms. Flynn received her B.A. in journalism and advertising from the University of Georgia. She lives in Norwich with her husband Sean and their two dogs.

Florence Griswold Museum Director of Education & Outreach

David Rau

David Rau has been the Director of Education & Outreach at the
Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme since 1998.  Most recently, Rau
played a key role in the reinterpretation of the Griswold House as a
boardinghouse for the Lyme Art Colony as well as spearheaded the
Museum’s new triad of on-line learning resources (Go to:
.  Since his arrival at the Florence Griswold Museum, Rau has
initiated a broad array of new educational programming at the Museum,
designed to promote active, experiential and life-long learning
opportunities for a diverse audience.  Rau promotes both traditional
educational programming and innovative interpretive initiatives,
designed to offer a multitude of cultural and intellectual
perspectives, allowing visitors to share in the spirit of camaraderie,
discovery, and creativity inherent in an artist colony.  For instance,
Rau produced Hassam in the Garden, a one-act play at the Museum, as
well as a Teaching Poster and Introductory DVD geared for school
children illustrated by David Macaulay. Involved with museum education
for the last 18 years, Rau has vast experience in docent training and
historic and artistic interpretation. Rau holds a Master’s degree in
the History of Art and a Certificate in Museum Practice from the
University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Rau has held positions at
Cranbrook Art Museum in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; The Henry Ford
Museum and Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan; and The Currier
Gallery of Art, Manchester, New Hampshire.  He currently teaches in
the Museum Studies program at Connecticut College.


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