Common Good Market is an innovative concept that connects consumers to local artisans, selling rugs, everyday kitchen ware, furniture and more.    Buying locally made products leads to local economic growth, environmental benefits, and social justice for everyone.  Elizabeth and Rick Conrad run their cyber-business on the internet and also attend local shows.  They spend 30 minutes describing their excellent products made by a variety of artisans and businesses in New England, and describing how it is in our best interest to participate in a common good market!  In the past decade or more, citizens have discovered what the business sector learned long ago: There is nothing as powerful as a new idea in the hands of a first-class entrepreneur.  Be sure to see them at the Green Lifestyle Fair every spring. 

Join ShoreTalk for the topic on buying local, and our very special guests  Elizabeth and Rick Conrad, two local, social entrepreneurs from Guilford, Connecticut.


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