Charlene Voyce MPH, comes in to discuss her 20+ years working in the field of education.  As a consultant to the New Haven Board of Education, and Senior Researcher at Yale University, Charlene has experienced insights into the future of education. Charlene has a very clear prescription for what schools need to do the get ready to meet these challenges:

  • we educate the "whole child" and recognize that supporting the development of social emotional, and physical health are directly related to improvements in academic success.
  • we support learning and growth in ALL children and help them reach their individual potentials.
  • we incorporate technology and learning strategies that will prepare students for life-long. learning in an ever-changing world.
  • students are the focus of all of our efforts.
  •  we use our scarce funds effectively and efficiency, using smart strategies.
  •  we have a world class system for Connecticut's children
Charlene’s background includes:
  • §  Health & Social Science Research Associate, Yale University
  • §  BA, Psychology with a focus on Child Development, Duke University
  • §  Masters Public Health: Health Beh & Health Ed, UNC Chapel Hill
  • §  Board Member, Bodel Child Care Center, Yale U School of Med for 5 years
  • §  Yale Consultant to the New Haven BOE

(Above)  Charlene discusses education with host, Kathleen Skoczen.  


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