Andrew Pighills

Aired July 14, 2010

Andrew is a Killingworth resident and a stone wall artisan.  Stone walls are historic treasures of the New England landscape are descendents of the English stone wall.  Andrew, a citizen of Great Britain will speak with host Kathleen about the historical transformations, utilitarian functions and the many reasons why we should cherish and preserve stone walls across central Connecticut.  Speaking to us “on site” at Parmelee Farms (a town owned 123 acre site in the middle of Killingworth), Andrew takes us on a tour of a recently constructed stone wall, showing us their remarkably ingenious features and how we might construct our own.

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 Andrew Pighills

The photos below were taken at the Dry Stone Wall Workshop conducted this past spring at Parmelee Farms in Killingworth, CT. The workshop was directed by Andrew Pighills. Photos by Michelle Becker. Additional pictures provided, click onto the pictures below.

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